The Best Tree Service in Long Island

I am the general manager of a fairly new apartment complex and am responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the grounds. This includes the care of the numerous ornamental trees we have scattered around the property. Instead of having our regular grounds maintenance crew tending to the trees I decided to hire a company that specializes in tree pruning in Long Island. The company I eventually hired has been in business for several decades and have many positive reviews and testimonials from ongoing customers.

I didn’t want to leave the fate of these beautiful trees in the hands of our crew who know very little about taking care of trees. The company I hired has professionally certified arborists on staff who know exactly how to maintain the beauty of our trees. They know what to do to provide these trees with the best possible environment to thrive in. They also know if the trees need cleaned up or simply trimmed back to thin out the foliage. In addition to the knowledge they have, they also use the latest safety equipment available to ensure the complete safety of everybody involved. I like this idea as we pride ourselves in promoting on the job safety.

I must say that this is a pet project of mine that I continuously monitor from week to week. Every time they come out to perform maintenance they report to me to update me on what is going on. Since this company has taken over, the trees look more beautiful than ever and we have received numerous compliments about their appearance. The next time they come I’m going to ask if they will come to my own home to give me an estimate of pruning and trimming my trees since I know they will do a fantastic job.