The story begins in August 2015 and I was out in my garden where I was having a good look around and I had come to realise how much of a state my garden was in. It was covered in overgrown bramble and weeds, also there was an old shed at the far end of the garden that was slowly rotting away plus the fact it was harbouring years of dumped junk that was the result of years of ” Put it in the shed for now”.

The only problem was that the shed was still cluttered inside plus there was branches growing inside from e neighbouring tree. The branch was growing right through the shed and sprouting out of the roof. There was also a lot of junk accumulating in the garden over the years, as I was like many people of clearing unwanted items from the house and storing in the garden.

So I made the decision to do something about it. The first part of my plan to modernise the garden was to have major clearance of all the junk. So I enlisted the help of my brother Roger and we gathered together all the junk in the garden into
one main pile, also we cleared the shed of the junk inside onto the pile. we then commenced with dismantling the shed. This was then piled as junk onto a separate pile.Then I had the whole lot taken away by a private contractor.

I then set about laying the ground work for the garden by clearing away all the bramble and weeds,then the task of designing the layout. Over the course of a year the garden was dug over, raked, divided into sections and the most important part was buying a greenhouse. I felt that a greenhouse was going to be the very heart of growing my own plants and flowers from seeds which after a few months proved quite successful.

I can only express how other gardeners can feel is the sheer joy and pleasure of watching them starting from seed, growing into seedlings and eventually full-grown flowers to display in your garden either in the ground or in display baskets or containers.

I am not an experienced gardener, I had a few failings along the way. I got a lot of growing tips from the internet, places like YouTube, I educated myself on the wrongs and rights of making a beautiful garden and I feel I was well rewarded..I kept photographs of my progress and when I compared the before and after. you would not think it was the same garden. At the end of the day I am well satisfied. I can go out into my garden now and relish the thought that I did that.



Life in big cities and suburbs can be stressful. It seems that everyone is too busy with no time to relax and unwind. The result is chronic stress that kills thousands of Americans. One of the best ways to relax and have some exercise is by gardening. A hobby like gardening lengthens life and makes your surroundings beautiful.

The space problem

One of the first question that comes up to one’s mind when considering gardening is if they have space for it on their lot. Interestingly though, with proper planning and designing, you can have a garden in your lot even if you don’t have lots of extra space. In fact if you use 3D rendering programs or hire a landscape designer who knows how to use one, you would be surprised at how many plants you can grow with just limited space. All it takes is planning.


If you have a big lawn and you want to add a garden on it, it is important to define the boundary of the garden. That means you have to plan where to put your garden. You can also hire a landscape artist to do the task, but make sure that they make a 3D rendering of the design so you will know in advance if you like it or not.

Choosing the flowers and plants

While flowers look beautiful, your garden may not have a big impact if the flowers are not grouped together. When grouping flowers, make sure the same colors are grouped together so that when they bloom, you will be greeted with a beautiful scenery.

If you plant vegetables, it is important that you group them together too for easy harvesting. This also makes your vegetable garden look beautiful when they bear fruits.

Gardening helps you relax

People enjoy gardening because it lets them relax, especially when they work on it. You may think it is hard work to tend the garden, but if you try it, you will be surprised to find that it is actually relaxing and energizing. While working on your garden, you are getting lots of high quality oxygen from your plants and you are also surrounded by greens which relaxes the eyes and the mind. Many experts believe that gardening as a hobby combines exercise and relaxation in one. When your plant grows and blooms, you will also fill yourself with fulfillment and pride, which helps fight depression.

If you are looking for a way to relax your mind while being productive, having a garden is a good idea. Hire a landscape artist if you want to maximize your space.