Best Herb Garden Plants

Best Herb Garden Plants

Best Herb Garden Plants – If you already know pruning your herbal plants and you do master it, now you should be ready in choosing the best herb garden plants. Do not be afraid if you are just a new beginner to this because here you will find the basics but the best herb garden plants you needed to know. In the next paragraph you will see the list of herbs that your family needs especially to those who love to cook. It may indeed satisfy your herb garden plants mania.

Bay is very well known for its beauty and delicious taste as well. It is one of the familiar herb garden plants. You can grow at least one plant in your garden or in a container like pot.

Dill is one of the easiest plants to grow. Four to six plants is enough for a new beginner in order to grow in your garden. In order to produce fresh dill, you must plant completely in succession.

Garden Thyme is English plants that are small. Four of this is enough in your garden. Its flower can be used for garnish. It is also used as culinary herb.

Fennel is an herb that can be used as a garnish. It is also used as a host plant for the butterflies in your garden. You can plant two of this herb. The one plant is for you while the other one is for the butterfly that adds beauty in your garden.

French Tarragon is an herb that is considered as a classic culinary of many herbs. It has a nice and warm flavor that is commonly used in French recipes. You can plant four plant of this herb.

Greek Oregano is an herb that can be used either fresh or it is being dried. It has many uses and many benefits in your cooking. Its dried leaves can be used together with meat products, relishes and condiments. You can plant two of this herb because you can use this every now and then.

Mint is another useful herb. You can plant two of this, a good Spearmint both Mint the Best or Kentucky Colonel Mint and one Peppermint.

Parsley is another useful herb that can live 2 years. Even though it can live long, you must replant it every spring. You can plant four to six of this kind of herb.

Rosemary is an herb that enriches many cuisines. It can be either as an aroma or as ingredient especially for roasted meats. It can also be used in salads, marinades, cooked greens, soups and breads. You can plant one of this but if this plant is hard to find in your place, you can plant two of this.

Sage is an herb that can enhance flavor of your food. You can plant two of this in your herb garden.

Sweet Basil is an herb that can be used in your pasta. You can plant four to eight of this herb.

Winter Savory is an herb that can be used in your spaghetti. You can plant two to three of this.

These are just guidelines for you if you are a beginner in making herb garden to be able to guide you in best herb garden plants.